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I’d like to raise an issue when trying to change email addresses on EVE accounts. I recently changed my email address, and this process was not automatic. After authenticating and logging into each account (I have several) and changing the email address, the accounts go to status “Email address change in progress”.

I thought ah ha! That’s it all done, now I can go and do something else.

Nope. I found out after the launcher updated sometime later, that the email account information was not changed. So I logged in again (all my accounts) and requested the email address change again.

I thought CCPLz, this is sure to be fixed now. No Problem.


So a ticket was raised, and after several to/s and fros with a GM, the account changes were actioned.

However a) Why this process not easier
b) Why is the user NOT informed that a ticket must be raised in order to get an email address changed actioned?
c) Please make it easier…

I get that this is for security reasons. But that’s no excuse to make it a pig for the end user when they have a legitimate reason for changing email addresses. Having to do this once ok. But twice and it still wasn’t actioned?

What would I like changed:

  1. Make it easier
  2. Inform the end user for god sake if they need to raise a ticket to get it changed.

I did request to the GM to have my feedback forwarded to the “relevent department” to get my concerns examined, but no, they insisted that I raise a forum thread and or contact a CSM member directly.

So here is a forum thread.

P.S: This issue has been slightly discussed before in this forum thread - closed - Why the email cannot be changed immediately?



I’ll pass this on.

And, for the record, the reason it’s hard is because 1) it’s rare for people to have to change the email address on an account and 2) because it’s the first step to stealing someone’s account when a hacker gets access to it.

I understand that you’re upset it took so long to change, but do you really think it’s a good idea to make it easy?


Hi Brisc, thanks for responding.

I believe a simple change to the user that they need to contact CCP support to get the ticket looked into would be a welcome change.

Had I not accidently checked to see everything was ok, I could have potentially been locked out of all accounts.

Edit: To clarify, I’m not asking for the security to be watered down in any way. Good protection is paramount. I’m just asking for the UI updates to be simpler to the end user. I guess if it’s a thing that isn’t done often I guess the old system will do.

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