"Email change in progress"

On Friday I changed the email address on my account. It’s now Tuesday and it’s still displaying my old email with a notice saying ‘Email change in progress’. I’ve not received any notification email at the new address (yes, spam folder checked etc). Why would this happen?

You must first confirm on old email, then on new

There is only a ’ Your email address has been changed’ email to the old address, no ‘click to confirm’ email.

Maybe they changed it or something. Well then it’s time for a ticket. Or you can try live chat thingy on support page to maybe get faster response. But never used that option myself.

Now I got a new problem. My email finally updated in my account and there was a verify link which I clicked. Got the email, verified, all sorted. Except now I can’t access the support site or view any tickets because when I try to log in it says my account is unverified…

I’m trying to reply to my own thread and my posts keep being hidden, what is this?

Looks like you angered the spam blocker somehow - I’ve just tweaked your account, should stop flagging you now.

As for your email issue, I don’t have many insights myself. I would strongly recommend putting in a ticket to the GMs at https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new as they should be able to help you get your account sorted. Good luck!

If you are unable to log in you can reach support via support@eveonline.com

It would be better if we could register our public OpenPGP key with our Eve Online account (as an option for those that use it), then we could digitally sign an email (especially in the case where we lose access to our old email, for example the email host closes up or goes offline for whatever reason and we only have a new email) to prove we are in control of that identity. It a much stronger way of verification than simply sending from an email account (that you may have lost access to) or waiting on a link you may never receive. Encryption would ensure if you lost access, nobody else could read the verification email (since you would have the decrypt key off server).

Also the emails from CCP are not digitally signed with S/MIME (or OpenPGP), and no, DKIM is not for sender non-repudiation and verification. I also seen that CCP was using HTTP (non TLS not HTTPS) links in their “verify” email (unless they changed that recently).

Why they use non-TLS links for email verification (links go to http://click.service.ccpgames.com/ ) and why they not S/MIME sign official company emails?

It is a phishing and ATO risk.

Finally got it sorted. After verifying my new email I had to verify linked accounts or some shiz. What a load of hassle just to change an email address, lmao.

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