[Resolved]20240515 - Verification Emails Not Arriving

We’re aware and investigating an issue that players who wish to change the email address associated with their accounts may not receive the verification email needed to perform the change. This issue seems to be particularly affecting Outlook, Hotmail, or Live email domains.

Players encountering issues with verification codes not arriving in their email inbox are encouraged to contact support via support@eveonline.com

When contacting support please supply them with an alternate email address, ideally not using one of the aforementioned domains, that you may wish to be temporarily associated with your account.

Update : 15:00 UTC 16 May - Issue should now be resolved and verification emails being received by players.

Thanks to everyone affected for their patience while this was investigated and resolved.



Should we be concerned with this issue, if we still receive your adverts about the current events?
For example;

I got…



sent to me just yesterday.

Thanks for the notice. o7

EDIT: Oh! I just noticed those domains are all Microsoft owned. o.O Very interesting.

CCP making any update that don’t broke anything ( impossible challenge )

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currently having difficulties with only some accounts not getting auth codes.
Nothing to do with changing the email but just an auth code to login.

Not sure if it s related or should have its own topic

If we can change the email of our account would this mean that we can hide our past ESI data?

That is not how the ESI works. Example is the wallet endpoint. No matter what happens to the e-mail address, it will always return the last ‘x’ number of transactions.

Do a password change? All your ESI endpoints will have the token reset and whomever’s third party app will stop working. If the ESI is used to give mumble/ts/discord/forum access it will likely be revoked.

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