Loggin Troubles

verification code sent to my email address, no code has been sent tried to click the account recovery link at the bottom but needs an app to open wth? anyone know what to do? i’m stumped.

Yup it seems eve is not sending codes for acc verification needs looking at guys

Check your spam folder

@Wavemistress_Moidel I actually had that email caught in my spam folder this morning myself. Try what @Zoiie has suggested and see if it’s there

its not in the spam folder im not receiving emails from eveonline full stop. It would choose today to do an account verification xD

In that case I would suggest you go ahead and open a support ticket via the support centre and let the GMs take a look at it.

Will do thanks for the link o7 today of all days god damn please don’t make me log into wow i need my sanity.

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