Verification EMAIL wont come throught

(Buckshot Beresford) #1

so for a while now i havent been able to get the verfication email to get onto the test server . been happening since i came back around augest i thought it may have been cuase of the mirrior but i see that the last one was sometime in novemeber so what is going on my email comes through easy on trang but not here

(Jaded gunner) #2

same issue over here

(Adam Zatekii) #3

I have the same issue, but aparently ccp doesnt care, just wait till the mirror they say. When is the next mirror? Oh i dunno. -_- unable to access part of the game i pay for makes me real happy, i have the same issue came back 2 months ago ish, had to update email address, due to issues with old one. So the Verification email i need to log in goes to old email. So frustrating, would just like to go blow up some caps. What frustrates me further is i get the password correct! It just wants the dumb code from an email that no longer is linked to my account, or even exists!!

CCP plz

(GolgothA Aldara) #4

Same problem here.

(Amarr Roman) #5

Same problem ccp rulz

(Knug LiDi) #6

Altered e-mail address after November, so no longer can get SiSi verification e-mail. PLEASE MIGRATE SO WE CAN TAKE PART ON SISI

(system) #7

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