SiSi login prompting for e-mail that never arrives

(The Larold) #1

4-5 days ago, I could successfully log in to SiSi. Now, it prompts me for a verification code that was sent to my e-mail, but that e-mail never arrives. I have not changed my email address in many years.

Any suggestions?

(Jona Ambramotte) #2

Try now, there was a mirror, and read the Post by CCP Habakuk for more info

(Volyz) #3

o/ Having the same problem. Of my 3 accounts, got the email for 2 of them but my main is stuck on Authenticator verification. No code is accepted from the app and no mail is sent.

Cannot connect to Sisi

(Hatoshi Onohira) #4

God this is getting old. Still the same problem.
Asks for a verification code and one NEVER arrives. Original date I started trying to log into test server was in Oct 17 (SUPPORT REQUEST #496285). Anyone know how or maybe who might help with this issue?

(Jona Ambramotte) #5

Unsure, i never had this problem.Only thing i can say is to make sure your on the right email?

(Hatoshi Onohira) #6

Check email account was correct (and has been verified). Thanks.

GM SPIDER suggested that the account could be manually verified by the QA team. Know anything about that?

(Volyz) #7

Dunno and might be interested by any workaround. Had no problem to get to Sisi before the mirrorring and tired of situations like that. Same as Hatoshi, email is good and verified ( has not changed for years ). @CCP_Habakuk , any information ?

(Daleth Prem) #9

I also have the same problem,
i even tried to install an authenticator but it doesnt work.
Always promting for the security code and i never get the E-Mail even thou E-Mail is verified.

(Hatoshi Onohira) #10

So here we are. Waiting for help.

(Daleth Prem) #11

My understanding is that we wont get help. There is no account support for SiSi.

(system) #12

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