Email verification not working

Was told I cannot submit a ticket for this and to submit this here. I would be super happy if I could get an email for the email verification for the test server login.

Thanks in advance

Idk why you were to told to post here. Nobody here can help. Did you reset your password recently though?

I got the same problem. It has been a while since my last login on Singularity. Now I need a verification code but I don’t receive any by email…
No changes or password resets on my side since my last successful login.

Hope the problem will be fixed soon

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do you have 2FA on your SiSi account? I’m not sure if they ever fixed the issue with 2FA and sisi not playing together sometimes.

Same issue here.

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Having same problems here, tried numerous times but still no email sent, haven’t changed password for years so i don’t know what the issue is.

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Same here. After many times the email never came.

Today I cannot even connect to the server.

Yes, 2FA is activated.

But I found a work around, which works for me. Try the following:

  1. Open the EveLauncher
  2. Goto Options
  3. Goto Tools/Cache
  4. Start “Server List”
  5. Choose Play on Singularity
  6. Login on the new Screen → no verfication code necessary - Singularity just starts - have fun
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Got a dump of about 20 of the emails around 730 Eastern time this morning. Now I’m back to not receiving them again. @CCP, fix this ■■■■ please.

I can confirm this works. Looks like an unintended bypass to 2FA. /sigh

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I thought 2FA was never meant to work in the test server? I mean, how much harm can someone do when they have access to your test server stuff?

Well, them having access is of course a problem, but there’s nothing of value on the test server.

It would be a problem if people could bypass 2FA elsewhere though, like on the main server.

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