Can't Log Into Singularity (Not Receiving Verification Code)

Hello, I’ve recently started to have troubles logging into my account after I changed my email. I am no longer getting verification codes from the EVE launcher, however, I could still get them when I log in via the EVE website. I somehow managed to log into Tranquility without a verification code. However, now I’m having troubles logging into Singularity, do I have to enable 2FA? Thanks, in advance

Edit: Contacted Support. They told me they couldn’t offer support and asked me to create a post here.

I recommend turning on 2FA using the Google authenticator app. If you have a smartphone, it’s quick and painless - simply scan the QR code with the camera in your phone. You can trust your main machine so you don’t need the code each time.

This will work for account management and TQ. Probably need to wait for the next mirror for Singularity - it’s been 3 months so probably a new mirror in June or July.

Ehh, hope I get a verification code or something like that. Don’t want to wait for another mirror

I’m not receiving any verification codes too.

I am having same issue too. The 2fa code that works fine on my normal account does not let me into singularity.

I have a feeling the 2fa link is from a pre ions time I had it but lost the authenticator due to my phone having to be replaced

Hope they mirror soon as want to try out moon mining and see if it is for me

i received my verification code via email.

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