Verification code doesn't recived

Hello there. Have a trouble within add my account in launcher when i’m trying to logginin’ at Singularity server.

After filling log and password I must enter the verification code. But it still doesn’t delivery.Thats due more than 30min.

My Email belong to google domain. Email is correct and don’t changed. Spam folder is empty. And I haven’t trouble with that verification code when it goes on Tranq or when i’m trying to login in account managment - i’ve got a mail with verification code. Problem is only with Singularity server. There is no the same problem in other my account.

What should i do?

If your account was created after June 26th, then You’ll have to wait until the next mirror, which could be end of September/early October. They tend to Mirror the servers every 3-4 months.

same problem for me and people in the previous thread

Two Factor Authorisation does not work on SISI. Just do a search for 2FA. This issue goes back months.

Only way around it is to disable 2FA.

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