Not able to log in singularity for more than a year


I haven’t been able to log in singularity with my account for more than a year now.
It surely has been mirrored during that period?
and no I haven’t changed my password for long time.
Is there something that I can do with it, reset the account there or something?
Or has my account just been blocked out from singularity for some reason?


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Do you receive and error when attempting to log in? Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

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Same thing with all of four of my accounts also. I use two factor authentication and it just keeps saying Verification code mismatch.

try this tactic

  1. get to your mail program or mail website.
  2. get in your mailbox.
  3. start eve launcher
  4. set it to sisi
  5. try to login,when asked for verification code
  6. check your mailbox now
  7. get your code and put it in .

time is key. the verification code lifetime is between 1 and 5 minutes so if your mail with code is delivered too late you will not get it working - solution is to use other mail service that wont have impacting delays.

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