Another Verification Code Issue during Sisi login

(Struggen) #1

Unable to login, created ticket but was told to post here instead. I type user and password in and get this:

“Please enter the verification code we just sent to your email address. If you do not receive the email within 30 minutes, please contact Customer Support”

Email never arrives, your system has always had a hard time sending verification emails to me. I have 2FA setup on my Account using the Authenticator.

(Chan'aar) #2

2FA does not appear to work on SISI, take a look back through this forum there are many posts about it.

(John Exx) #3

are you fix problem bcz me email its locked i dont knowe password ik me acc name and pass but when i type also i need authenticator code i got on me phone but when i enter it say missmatch can you help me pls !!!