SiSi Authentication Problem


I don’t really understand what the problem is here.
I am trying to log into SiSi today for the first time using the same account username and password as I use for Tranquillity. I do this correctly and it asks for me to enter the 6-digit authentication code sent to my email address for the account.

I have tried multiple times and waited over an hour however I am not receiving any authentication emails for this. I have also checked Spam and Bin etc. This is strange because I usually receive authentication emails from EVE, as I have recently, near instantly and in my normal inbox. I have contacted customer support from CCP who have told me that my email address looks fine on their end and I have also been able to receive password change requests from them just now (as I requested) which have worked fine.

Is this a SiSi authentication problem somehow?

Looks like all my authentication emails got sent within the last couple minutes.
Thanks for resolving that guys.
Case closed.