My email is verified for tranq but can't log into Sisi

My email is verified for EVE and I play on Tranq. everyday but when I decided to try playing on Sisi it says it’s going to send me an email verification code that I have been unable to receive for the past few days. My account is around two years old so It’s been around for a few snapshots so that can’t be the issue. I talked to CCP customer support and I got their emails just fine but hey can’t help with experimental issues.

I have had the exact same issue and more importantly, so have many others who have said the same thing regarding no resolution. This is a far more important issue than anyone gives credit and when people ask about there being any method to Test anything in the game, we are all told to use the test server, but this advice is given by those who have no idea this problem exists.
So if you wanted to Test out your First Carrier for example, to be better at using it before losing it in game - ■■■■ out of luck

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