Email verification failed on SiSi

When I try to log in to the test server I receive a verification email, when clicking the link in the email, I get the message : "Email verification failed

We are unable to verify your email address at this time. Please try again later."

I have been trying for several days now.

I can log in through the “server list” through the launcher options, however when I want to apply a skill extractor to my character, I get the message that this can only be done when logging in through the launcher (which I can’t due to email verification failure).

how can I resolve this issue?

Wait for the next mirror. You have probably changed the password or something, which does not carry over to Sisi. Or your account is too new and was not yet created when the last mirror happened. If neither is the case, create a support ticket and as customer support to help.

Hey there, thanks for your reply.

It is an old account, the password has been changed, however I managed to remember my old password and thus can login to the client (email verification tho) or I can log in to the game if I start it directly (this way however I can not use skill extractors, because the game demands you to log in through the launcher to do this).

I have sent a ticket to customer support, however they dont offer assistance and referred me to these forums :slight_smile:

Support tickets on sisi is bug report fyi. Sisi doesnt have support like TQ

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