Account verification after email change in june

My school deleted my original email account so i had to use another one. CCP helped me change this and on the normal server everything is fine. When i try and log in to the test server it says it sending a verification email which seems fine. Only problem is i never get the email as i think its sending it to my old deleted email. This was in June its now August and i wish to attempt to participate in the alliance tournament. Yeah i know hahaha. But anyway i have to get into the test server to practice or ill be cut due to eve tech problems not because i suck at flying. Which sucks. I talked to 4 devs the other day for the main game and they’re useless shells with automated responses for how much ive paid i was blown away at the lack of support. So here i am trying anything to get into the test server. If others have this issue i think they should do another mirror for the alliance tournament participants.

You must wait for SISI mirror for it to use updated account information


Thank you for your response. I hate that i think your right :frowning:

Unfortunately they are correct. SiSi info can only be updated during mirrors, which will be in Sept or October.

We are given access to the test server to help CCP. They don’t have to give us access like they do. They could easily lock it down until they need a mass test done.

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