Authentication Codes

I have had issues with Vanguard downloading for over 10 hours now. It starts to download, hits a wall and restarts. During this process I have attempted to get help. Several times this morning and now this evening I have reached out. These efforts have at times put me in a position to get an authentication code. NOT ONCE have I received a code. Not once.

I have a game I cannot play, now my characters are all gone from the launcher screen…likely I did something I should not have…and I an beyond frustrated with the decision to lump this all together.

Please help.

Verification codes…

The verification code is probably for 2-factor authentication, and should be sent to the email the account has on file. Check to make sure you’re looking at the correct email account.

Try logging on to the Account Management page and see if you can check your account details.

Or try contacting Support directly by one of the methods listed here:

These things can be very frustrating, just be patient. I’m sure they can find a way to help you.

Still zero responses…no verification codes…can’t do anything. Verified the email address.

Apparently CCP is aware of issues with verification codes going to yahoo accounts. They are working on a fix. In the meantime they are assisting.

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