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For some reason I’m suddenly getting Verification Code demands to access my accounts. Never happened before, is this a new thing with today’s update ? I got multiple codes which took ages to arrive by email, and then had to keep trying them till I found the ones that worked - I hope this is a one-off CCP, I’ve no intention of going through this rigmarole every time I want to access Eve.

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It’s been a while since those were implemented. I think your accounts went pas the 30 days period of auto login (don’t know if it’s 30 days or even called like that but eh) so you had to log in again, and thus had to complete the verification code thingy.

Normally, you can go without having to do the verification code again for a month or so, or if you log in from a new device. Also, a quick tip to avoid receiving multiple codes at a time : log in your characters one by one, and not all at once.

I log in all my Omega accounts at least once a day, and often several times. I logged in from the same device I always use. I was due to go on an FOB bash, but needed some modules - due to the delay in sending the verification codes I didn’t get the modules I needed in time and therefore didn’t do the activity I was intending/hoping to do. I’d already logged on both the accounts concerned several times today, and when I went back into the launcher that logged me straight on without requiring verification, so even if it was justified in some way it wasn’t very effective. It’s the sort of ‘red-tape’ that loses customers, so CCP need to be aware there’s a problem of some kind with it.

Bad luck for you, eh.

Strangely enough, I often switch back and forth between my accounts on the EVE Online website and I never encounter the verification thing so long that my characters have been verified in the past weeks.

Maybe it’s an issue concerning you, in which case you should fill a report to CCP’s support, so they can work their way to solve it, or at least help you out.

The easiest way to avoid the verification is to use 2FA.

Which is a form of verification…

But doesn’t require email.

(is there a reason you’re logging in so frequently, rather than saving to the launcher? If your machine is compromised enough to get the tokens used by the launcher, it’s probably compromised enough to install a keylogger)

I assume this works by sending a text to my mobile ? No use for me, I live in a valley with no mobile signal, and I’m not going to climb to the top of the nearest hill every time I want to play Eve…

If I leave the launcher running, there’s a good chance that one or more clients will hang - it happened yesterday in fact, to the extent that I lost control of the PC (mouse and keyboard captured by a frozen client) and I had to switch it off and reboot. I haven’t complained about it to CCP because I’m on Linux, and Linux is not an officially supported OS.

Eve uses an industry standard TOTP 2 factor authentication system. Work with the Google authenticator, authy, or any other totp implementation.

All it needs is accurate time, and the key.

You can have it installed on your phone, and/or your computer. I’ve seen a few linux based programs. (Keep a copy of your key somewhere secure, as you’ll need it if you lose whatever devices its installed on. Or wipe your phone.)

Can any Linux Eve user suggest an appropriate TOTP* 2 for me to use ? I’m on Mint 17.3 / Cinnamon and don’t belong to any social networks (Facebook etc).

  • Where and when I come from TOTP was short for ‘Top of the Pops’

There needs to be a way to turn it off.

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