Help with verification code

after recent hardware change and complete reinstall igot verificaton code for this account but not for the another one,none of my mail boxes recevied the code for second account not sure if code was sent or not sma/trash bin is empty

If you’re setup for authenticator you simply enter the code from the app on your phone. It changes every 5 minutes. I wasn’t aware that CCP was still using email/text for 2FA any more.

I recommend you login to account management and setup for authenticator - it’s painless if you have an android device - I have no experience with IOS.

If you can’t get into account management for one of your accounts, try the recovery process:

can login but i cant go anywhere after t demands verification code,email is not recevied so cant put the code and cant get nto account management due to demand of verification code

Yes, me 2. The luncher wants a verification code. I received nothing.

Edit: after a couple luncher restarts the verification window has disappered.

closed/opened launcher 10 times no avail. no verifixaton code in email. tested the email box functionality and it does recevie emails from others.

eve isnt blacklisted on mailbox i checked for that aswell

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