Waiting for a verification code to be emailed

Hi I want to login (month old account) to the test server, but on login I get a screen that says a verification code is being send and if not received within 30 min get in contact with support. So here I am. Can anyone help me?

Search this forum for two factor authentication issues.

Hint, there are a lot.

If you really need to be on the test server your best shot is disabling 2FA on your account.

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See, I had thought that I had to do 2FA on the test server before, but then someone said that it doesn’t make you do 2FA. So I was like huh, maybe I’m misremembering having to do it. Regardless, 2FA is for your protection. I recommend figuring out what’s going on, rather than disabling it. But if you do disable it, definitely remember to turn it back on ASAP.

Anyway, 2FA emails can wind up in spam or promotional folders. So check there, pr maybe just do a search for eveonline@service.ccpgames.com. If that turns up nothing, verify that the email is going to the correct email address. And if all else fails, file a support ticket.

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