Test Server cannot verify my account

I am attempting to log onto the test server for the first time, however the verification email doesn’t come through within the 30 minutes stated.
I closed the verification screen and logged on a different account on the main server. After an hour the email came, but when i went to verify, it had send a new email off and would not accept the previous code.
I have currently waited 90 minutes and have yet to receive one. I cannot log back into the main server while i wait for it to come through to avoid the above repeating.
I have looked in both my main inbox and promotions inbox.
The GM on live chat would only repeat that I needed to post here.
Please help.

When did you create your character? If it was after Oct 21 2020 you won’t be able to access SiSi until the next mirror

I just added a new account to the launcher successfully, so the emails are working; have you changed your email address since the last mirror was done? Or are they coming in just super late? I’m not entirely sure from your first post.

Its a 2010 Character.
Username/Password/Account-existing is not the problem. Its just the 6 digit verification number.

The GM insisted i couldn’t as it was a security feature.
However on my third attempt he has opened a ticket to disable it. However that will take some time and I would rather my account have additional security rather than less.

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