Verification code not sending

I do not receive the email with my confirmation code to login onto Singularity. I have 2 accounts associated with this email and am unable to get on to the test server with either. I receive other emails from CCP with this account regularly. I have another account with a separate email that the confirmation code works for.
The player experience team is unable to help me and told me changing me email may not work.
Any help here?

Changing emails did not work for me. CCP please please give us a clue at the very least!

Ignoring issues like this just causes unnecessary agro.

I also have this problem except my account is setup for 2 factor authentication. When I try to add a new account it says check your email for the code.

  1. The code never comes
  2. 2 Factor authentication part is completely skipped?

write support ticked. worked for me

Are you making a Test Server Alliance this mirror?

i have this same issue the verification code does not go to my email

i wrote a support ticket and the respose was to go here for answers

anyone get this issue resolved?


I have the same problem. It doesn’t send the mail to the verification email that TQ does.

Do not receive emails with an authorization code in the launcher on a test server on accounts that were previously connected, but two-step authentication is disabled

I’ve hammered at CCP for support with this. Like others on here, I am also directed to post in this forum for SISI support and this far, nothing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m patient but come on, not even an official acknowledgement! It’s so obviously an issue. I get it, it’s a test server, we should have low expectations blah blah blah but for god sake it’s been 6 months for me this far!

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