Email verification fails for singularity server help

Hello, as I said in the title the email verification fails, I receive the email, but then i get:
Email verification failed

We are unable to verify your email address at this time. Please try again later."

I asked the customer support about it and they said that i should post a topic here.

Can you please help me?


Any ideea that could help?

@CCP_Habakuk any help for a fellow cadet?

I have the same issue

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Same issue here on a majority of my accounts =/

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Is there any help with this issue?

im having this issue where it wont even send the code to my email at all for my account for the test server

hello I do not receive the code by email thank you for looking at the password and just


Login, click OK on popup which states email will be sent for confirmation.

Receive email, click on link … et voilà

i have the same issue
please help

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