Not receiving Verification Mail

Main account was hacked 6 months ago CCP were great reimbursed everything (in isk)
had to changed main account e-mail passwords 2 step etc now cannot access the test server get to logon add account info wants to send verification e-mail with access code on it

I don’t think the test server has two step verification. At least I didn’t need to verify when I added my account (with 2FA enabled) again yesterday.

Also, I’ve heard that the test server may require your old password to log in until a new mirror happens.

looks like its an old e-mail address i not longer have access to :frowning:(

Yea looks like you may be stuck until the next mirror which should be soon®

Correct. Only the password authentication.

Correct too.

I have same problem

Same here - seems nothing can be done till they mirror again. Would be nice to have a date for this.

They announce the mirror, when they are ready to do it, or they feel it needs to be done…