EVE Launcher updating error

Hi, guys. Have u encountered a issue that the EVE launcher got stuck when it is attempting to updating the vanguard? My vanguard updating progress kept stopping at the Copying executables 160/162 while EVE can’t be started either. I dont know if this is a case-by-case issue or a general problem.

Alright, It seemed Vanguard finally done its updating, while the EVE client indicated An error occured while downloading the client.

Restart your computer

Try this: FIX ! - Vanguard download stuck in endless loop

I am also having Vanguard launcher issues. The update downloads…sometime up to 1GB, then bombs out.

Launcher is at 1.02.

Cannot submmit a bug report as that says it cannot download payload.

Frustrating I cannot play EvE during the Event due to this issue.

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Click cog wheel on the launcher, select cache then shared cache, click verify.

exit launcher and restart it, try again.

Thanks for the reply. However, my launcher does not show shared cache and the verify files box is grayed out.

Click cache, then shared cache.

Now all my character information is gone from the launcher. Still cannot verify files.

So frustrating that they combined this in one .

And while trying to resolve, this morning and now…CCP is not sending verification codes to log into ann account.



Sounds more like your PC has issues, that or it’s all made up.

Appreciate your attempt to help.

Alas this is not a computer issue…and it definitely is not made up. That is an odd thing to write.

Still no customer service response. Can’t even get verification codes. One would expect that to be automatic.

Apparently CCP is aware of issues with verification codes going to yahoo accounts. They are working on a fix.

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Same issue here…

And no “Shared cache” button on the latest version of the launcher.

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Must be a Steam thing then because I still have that shared cache option.

Not a Steam account.

What’s happening is the launcher update is attempting to install Easy Cheat and UEprereqs (items 161 & 162) which both require UAC prompt. This is stuck somehow. And after many reboots and relaunches, it completely at a random time (while looking at this post) gave them and finished.
Windows can sometimes suffer from UAC prompt just flashing in the taskbar and not showing on screen, but there was nothing at all with this.

i also have this issue with the launcher not updating. I haven’t played in years and I finally decided to come back…but I can’t get in! I’m stuck with a 4+ gig download that never makes it more than 1/6th of the way through and just gets stuck. Also unable to verify as the options are all greyed out. Anyone heard or found anything?