Any ETA for when Eve will become runnable again?


Given that it’s apparently running OK for tens of thousands of people, don’t you perhaps accept that the problem might be at your end ?

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If you actually want some help, we need more info. Operating system? Does this happen when you try to start the launcher, or during some other operation?

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Are you running a 32 bit OS?

Yeah, more information can sometimes be helpful (i.e. what specific version of windows, when exactly you get the error, and so on).

Anyway, someone suggested verifying integrity of downloaded files in another thread, but OP never came back to say if it worked or not.
Click the “E” in the upper right hand corner of the launcher, select “shared Cache,” then click on “Verify.”

There is also a bunch of other windows users reporting a similar error message for other programs and dll files. So you might want to try some of their troubleshooting steps as well (such as running system file checker). Check out the selected answer from this thread.

Finally, if you do get it solved, please come back and tells us how you fixed it, as that will help other people who get the same error.

is the game lagging as the moment? for example when I launch drones, it does so after a few seconds.

I get that lag intermittently, not sure if it’s at my end or CCP’s.

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