"Event" 10-17 april?

Hello everyone!

I’ve read about an event from 10 to 17th april. https://www.eveonline.com/live-event
But it’s not on website anymore, got the link from web history. Wheres all the info?

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Wait until after downtime (about 15-20 minutes from now after the server reboot). Details should be under The Agency.


It is highly unlikely there will be any event until at least 4/25 due to current accelerators working until 4/24.

I was wrong they did add an event and I doubt it was intended.

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Maybe it will interact with an FanFest live event or it is just something for those that couldn’t make it to Island this year. Why can’t I go to Island every year BTW… that seems wrong remembering the blast I had last year…

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be happy you got to go at all I always wanted to go ever sense I started to play in 2007 but hard to go anywhere when all you do is work to get enough money to survive until next payment.

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