Please clarify the schedule of "13 DAYS OF EVE" event

(Tonto Auri) #1

The announce only speaking about event dates, without giving a precise timing.
This is a recurring question in the help channel, if event would stop at DT 28 Dec. or 29 Dec., or at midnight 28 Dec., or what-you-ask.

(Aelavaine) #2

I know it! I know the day and the time when this event will end.

Little hint:
The day you can find here:
And the time is the same as with everything in Eve, except Project Discovery.

(Tonto Auri) #3

Your reply doesn’t make sense even for me.
Not to mention new players unfamiliar with “everything in eve”.

(Tonto Auri) #4

And the ingame “X days left of campaign” message only adding to confusion.

(ISD Sakimura) #5

I recon the event will end on Dec. 29th at 11.00 AM (at EVE - Downtime)

(Tonto Auri) #6

Yeah, that’s one of the possible answers.
We’d still like an official announce, for future events as well.
I wonder why CCP not using ingame calendar. :confused: It’s supposed to be there.