Eve ingame 15.th Birthday event

Hi There Eve Players,

I t starts with reading the morning Newspaper in the Train 2003 on my way to the workplace. I was allways facinated by scifi based games and found my place in here. I think a lot of Players , playing that Long time, had a small break from the game, but at lest they come back, just to be courious, or seeing it s not my game anymore. i had personal run serveral " Event s" in the beginning. Some where sucessful and fun, some where full ofscammers but at least a Mirror of the game.

I will run 3 seperate Events.

  1. Price : 1.5 bn isk
  2. Price : 750 mio isk
  3. Price : 400 mio isk

each Event.

  1. Event. Acronym

( example: Nerf = New Effect s Ruins Fun <- was the winner of the first Event)

This time i look for the acronym of : G.A.N.K.

  1. Event.

an xmas eve related Cookie pic.

  1. Event. Last men Standing

we will meat us one day ( around the 28. depends on my rl work ammount at a low sec System in a starter ship) the last 3 who survie will win .

Event 1-2 starts 12.18. 10:00 end 12.25. 10:00 . Prolly ccp is able to Judge on both for the funniest entry. If not i do Judge. :slight_smile:

Event 3 will start some time around the 28.The System will be announced.

I hope for some entrys.

Greeting s mac

i hope for some entries.

you may want to clarify some things here, it might help you get a little more interest.

firstly you’re saying price, instead of prize. those are almost opposite things.

secondly could make it easier to understand by changing the layout

for example.

Event 1 Name
Event 1 Start Time - Event 1 Finish Time
Event 1 Description
Event 1 Prize

repeat for other events.

Third, I don’t mean to be insulting but its not easy to read and understand because of bad spelling and grammar, consider using a word processor to help you with that and then copy and paste.

lastly, don’t expect ccp to judge this for you. It won’t happen.

yup, a second view should e also made, before pushing " post Topic"

will take this to the new year.

Merry xmas and a happy new year.

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