Event Early Birds

I usually hang out in event channel in game and start working on a event spreadsheet a cpl weeks before the event starts. Stop by every once in a while to see whats brewing for the next event.

Usually the spreadsheets look like this with a guide section, detailed npc info, ammo effectiveness section for the boss and tested fits.



What’s the event channel’s name?


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Great guide as usual, I had only this weekend to run the event. Hence as a PvPer I was focusing on the lowsec hacking sites. Here my final feedback.

  • No gate, limited to certain areas of space, lvl 3, lot’s of explorers and hunters to compete with. Great!
  • Three cans, green, yellow, red … but all same loot table :thinking:
  • One site nets you ~20-30M in coins, plus stuff, boosters, skins, Leopard BPCs, vanity items
  • You get also points, BUT after the hacking 3/3 you put back to 2/3 and not to 1/3, which results in very few further points. Bad. I don’t want to mine or rat.
  • Visuals are nice

To CCP, check the loot table next time, more difficult cans should give better stuff. Also make it so, you can complete the event more easily with only one profession. @CCP_Swift

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So far the next event, Amarr Foundation Day, looks to be mostly a login
campaign. There are some new npcs floating around and I have them in the event sheet in my bio.

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