Minmatar Liberation Games - Mining Sites for lousy 2 Event Points

It takes 300 Mining sites to finish the event.

I finished top 10 at the Stargate Trailblazers and even to me that amount feels ridiculous.

I was hoping you would bring those sites back, but not without any sense in running them.




That :point_up_2:

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Wow, that is rough. I only did the combat and data sites.

You only get two no matter which sites you do? Even the harder ones?

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2 points mining if you get bronze. 2 points scanning data and 10 killing the prophecy in a combat. Forget about getting to the end, i got to the stabber skin. Now my ship looks like a cool green snake.

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So wich tribe won the games? is there a ranking or something like that?

Yeah, I agree.

The Mining sites were cool and the content was rather quick. The first few tasks gave like 10 to 20 points and then after the 3rd task only got 2 points for each completion. I think I stopped after 60 points and went back to Hacking since that one alternated the amount of reward points (2 or 5) for each completed task.

Hopefully in the future there isn’t all this unnecessary grinding. Implementing a 600 point goal and restricting achievement to it with 2 point intervals is crazy. The Dev’s should complete these types of point spreads first before implementing it in-game. If they did, guaranteed they wouldn’t be coding it like that again.

Not to mention trying to complete these timed events with a point spread like that causes eye strain and repetitive damage to hands, arms and back.

the mining challenge also gave isk and LP rewards. 1.4 million isk for 5 minutes in a solo venture with no hauling. the LP got me a cruiser skin thats not character locked and selling about 70 mill on market…

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