Minmatar Liberation Day Mining Sites

Tried to do a standard mining site in a Procurer tank/DPS fitted solo. I can not do it because the Procurer can not fit a shield rep because it only has two mid slots.

Good job CCP another event that I can not do!

It’s like CCP does not want people to play this game any more.

So you are still playing the game you hate so much? That’s some dedication…

It’s obvious troll but whatever. Mining sites are for fleets. And two mid slots is plenty space for shield booster. Two to be exact.


This is not trolling. Nothing should be put in a event that can not be solo ran.

No i am on my way out because of stuff like this. CCP killed high sec mining and indy, nothing like having nothing fun or rewarding to do in a game.

This loser is playing an MMO and complaining that everything cannot be run solo. Then whines some more about highsec mining in a PVP only game.


Mining sites have been fleet events pretty much since they were introduced in Resource Wars.

There is probably a way to tank it try a prospect/endurance not sure which one mines what after the change, ab shield booster fit they are quite decent can more than likely solo it.

Anything can be solo’ed if you put enough thought into it even an entire fleet.

I love blowing up your type the most :] you guys usually squeel the loudest in local.


I agree entirely. Sorry to read you don’t enjoy the game anymore. I myself am having fun doing as many activities as I dare. Guess you’ve been there but I haven’t - yet - so if you don’t have any use for your stuff think of me, ok?


So it is an event that excludes solo miners? Sounds like solid game design to me. Nothing excluding a large part of player base.

The entire event isnt just the mining part

But yeah, sucks to be a solo miner I guess vOv

Guess they expect you to have alts

Find a group and ask to join. That’s what I did last year, and I’m still friends with a bunch of those folks.


Is there something stopping you from getting a better ship?

There I just solo mined a site, use your brain and figure it out.

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Don’t expect people to actually have to “do” something in a game.

The game should just hand them everything they want with absolutely no effort what-so-ever. Especially if it’s an alpha trial account.


Oh man… I was nicer in the other thread that I replied to, but that was before I saw your attitude in this one.

So, first off all, not every piece of content can be designed to appeal to every player (i.e. newbro friendly versus challenging and rewarding to vets, and group versus solo).

Moreover, there is apparently at least one way to do it solo. @ResonanceOfWar said he figured it out, and my first guess would be to use a combat ship to clear the rats, and then come back with a barge to mine.

You know, you had the options to:

  1. Figure out how to solo the content yourself
  2. Ask for advice
  3. Make Friends
  4. Complain

And you chose 4. Call me crazy, but it seems to me like the real reason you’re struggling to have fun isn’t because of “solid game design,” but a piss poor attitude.

Hopefully, you have a come to Jesus moment the way players like Altara and I did. But if not, let me be the first to ask… can I have your stuff?


Why should I do that? The game should just hand me the rewards because I exist.

Why? I’m the expert here. Everyone else is just a low level troll, my way is the only way, and it’s the best way and the only reason why I keep failing is because of bad programming and gankers.

The only friends worth while are the ones that agree with me. And validate my position. They don’t exist in this shitty game.

Offering critical advice as to why this game is so shitty without offering any sort of solution isn’t complaining. It’s constructive criticism. And if you disagree, you’re just a troll and a low tier ganker.


It’s Ash, just point and laugh.

The NPC’s come in waves, and there’s a timer on the site so using a combat ship first and then switching to a mining ship won’t really work.

To gain the points for the site, best option is to fit a decent tank and fill up the NPC Orca Hauler with Ore asap.


I’ve managed to do the minor site solo in about 4 minutes in a plain venture. Just slap 3 kinetic shield rigs and youre good to go really.

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it seems that the procurer has 2 slots where shield reppers can be fitted.

Prospect >> sig tanking for days.