Minmatar mining sites

@Brisc_Rubal @Angry_Mustache @Kenneth_Feld Could any of the CSMs please talk to CCP about how these sites are set up?

I tried to do a standard mining site solo. It was using a tank/dps fit Procurer. Well a Procurer can not solo it because the dps from the NPC is too high and mining barges can not break the tank of the NPC rats.

I then moved up a Porpoise because in the other post everyone said mining fleets are needed to run it. I just spent 4 hours building/fitting a Porpoise to run sites. Just find out that Porpoise can not enter the sites.

So if this is meant to be done by fleets of miner. Why is it that no Industrial Command ships can enter the site?

Probably so that it takes a fleet and not one Orca. I’ll ask what they intended.

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If CCP made the site so that there is only the initial spawn, then, naturally, the solution is to clear the rats in a combat ship first. And, if CCP made the site so that the rats periodically respawn, you need to make friends.

And no, I do not think that all content should be solo-able, as that would require compromising your group content for those that enjoy it.

Anyway, try to see if you can find information about the rats respawning. And, if you can’t find anything, you need to do a “science fleet” -i.e clear out the rats in a combat ship, and wait long enough that you’re sure nothing is going to respawn. Maybe bring an Mobile Depot and cloak, then you can eat dinner or whatnot while you wait.

Also, I’m not exactly sure why this is something to @ random CSM’s about, as this seems like something for the players to figure out.

Edit: Resonance of War said he figured out how to run the sites solo in this guys other thread… where OP whines even more.

So you tried a solo Procurer and a Porpoise.

I can think of multiple other options I would try before asking the CSM to bother CCP about it.

See that is problem. There are enough players running them to get fleets together.

The mining barges after the nerfing don’t have enough mid slot to tank the NPCs.

Yeah, in last event I spend 100 milions and 2 hours fiting thoraxes only to find out that:

  • no mention of which filament to use, I had to ask players who also didn’t know or who trolled me so I bought multiple filaments of old PvP events closed years ago (why the hell is this still in game to confuse us?)
  • daily event was not synchronized with the actual proving grounds, it was still closed the day they told us to fight with no explanation of rules or anything
  • when they finally opened it, day after the daily event told me to fight, there were various rules such as no t2 modules that I didn’t know about
  • after I spent another hour of making a fit and buying it along with the right filament another error popped out and that was that I can only enter in a fleet of 4 ppls

with that I gave up on these shitty events that are only a psychologic scam to keep players playing this game anyway

EDIT: I was lying, I actually tried to do this mining event on my alt only to find no sites the first day, at that point I gave up on the events :smiley:

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