Capsuleer Day Clash (2020) on Sisi?

I want to prepare for upcoming “Capsuleer Day Clash” event.
Have you already found/tested the event on Sisi?

Lately CCP have not been putting the various events on SISI. They don’t like the fact that there are guides written up before it even makes it to TQ.

Of course this has downsides, you know like with the Skillers in the Abyss where

  • First the event did not show up
  • Then it showed up but the rewards given didn’t match what was listed
  • Then we were told its a bug and the amounts would be corrected upward
  • Then we were told no actually the rewards were right and the display was wrong
  • Then we get a new popup telling us about the event … but the rewards are broken

So … :psyccp:

Unlikely that it will be on SiSi to test. Use a Drecavac or Sleipnir and you will be fine I guess. Maybe Drake, I‘m flying those lately and start to love it, again. :wink:

I’ve just seen an image like the Agency about CDC event after login.

Looks like only Combat and Attack BCs will be allowed. Hope they got the DPS right. I’m a shield guy, so good options are limited. DNI or Hurricane basically. Also T1 can only fit one command without rig.

BC’s?? ooh i can bring my drake.

I’m doing CDC event on Drekavak but I’m sure what NaviBrut or NaviHarb are better.

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