Capsuleer Day Clash event sites possible without stupid triglavian ship?


since the Triglavian are playable everyone plays only this ship to explode the structures…

Someone have a decent fit for the last event “Capsuleer Day Clash event sites” or we must play Drekavac… ?

CCP intends to continue to impose players to do everything in ship triglavian?


I’m pretty sure a Drake can do it.

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these event sites are harder than Emerging Conduit.

git gud

Drake is the answer

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you can do nearly any content in eve with a paladin or a nightmare
glorious ships !!!
and if you cant its a bug , call support

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“Stoopid game wont let me Paladin into battlecruzer site. CCP fix now.”


I never played paladin or nightmare.
in the sites i see all the players in a Drekavac.

o my bad didn’t knew the event is only for bcs

Damavik event… again… :face_vomiting:
Soon everyone will play in a triglavian ship…

Well, yeah. Omega only.

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I’m not sure what your point is by just linking the killboards like that.

I’m seeing a ton of very bad fits, for example:

A single rep? That’s obviously not going to survive.

This one is one of the Triglavian ships you’ve been complaining about, but it died without even fitting rigs.

Oh look, another dead Triglavian ship.

You’re complaining about the wrong thing here, kid.
Using a Triglavian BC doesn’t guarantee success.
Using a better fit does.

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Looks like people are using the same BC fits they use to cheese L2 missions to be honest.

Good luck with that.

Propose your fit for this event.

The solution?:

and red - lots of red modules also

win - guaranteed! \o/



I don’t like this ship.


are we playing the same game? i see lots of different bcs being used in the event sites:
myrmidon, hurricane, cyclone, gnosis, drake (actually a lot of drakes).
havent seen many amarr ships though.

single reps are absolutely enough to do the highsec sites. especially in ships with rep or resist bonuses. but you need a sufficient amount of dps and extra cap (batteries ftw!)

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My favorite for ever ever ever ! :heart_eyes: