Current Event Conscious Interruption ship/fit tips

Hi guys,

Edit of my original post to share my experience:
I only run cruiser site, so check others for help concerning the BS site.

Cruiser orbits at 1800m/s , scrambls when <11km from you.
I see lots of people running it in Gila, Ishtar, Ashimmu, all these are decent, but the way to go for most efficiency is definitly the Vigilant.
it can run a site in under 2 minutes solo very easily.

The fit I use: a bit blinged but imo that’s worth it, I’m super, super efficient compared to others. Warp speed is essential as you just jump around completing the sites in a very short time.

[Vigilant, Conscious Event Opti]
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Centum C-Type Medium Armor Repairer
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
50MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Cap Recharger II

Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II

Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
Medium Ancillary Current Router II
Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II

Valkyrie II x5

Null M x3280
Void M x8545

Pretty easy to run: warp on site, lock the cruiser, at the same time keep at range (2000 m is good). When the cruiser is showed at 8km + on overview, activate your web and turn on MWD.
Launch drones, get in range and pew pew him down.

By having this precise routine, it’s very efficient, as you can MWD one cycle and turn it off, and be on top of the cruiser already. Would you turn on MWD too soon, or too late, would you turn on web too soon or too late, the cruiser would either scramble you (and then it’s a loss of time to burn toward him at 300 m/s) or be out of web range (and then you’ll lose 10-15 seconds to burn at him).
By doing my method, the cruiser doesnt scramble you as he gets out of scrambling range but still is inside your web range. Thus the single MWD cycle, thus the way you land on top of him before the end of your first MWD cycle.
When you successfully do this, you can kill him in a minute or so, you’ll laugh at other people trying to farm the sites in other ships than vigilant as none will be as efficient.

Loot wise, I managed to run ~120 sites so far, and the loot is very disappointing.
In these 120 sites, I got:
40 basic boosters
14 improved boosters
3 advanced boosters
1-8 of alll the lootable skins (some are very nice, ie vagabond, ishtar, apocalypse, tempest … at least for my tastes ^^ )
Many, many, too many crappy drugs, like 60 of them

Thanks for sharing all tips on other site as well !


Still at work did that just start today?

Yes it did, started with DT.

The cruiser is ABurning away if you try to catch him. So scrambling doesnt break his velocity, you need web
Plus, it seems like there is some weird mechanics with drones: if you put light drones on the drifter (they should be able to catch him), they will drop aggro and focus frigates around you, I still dont know why.
Drone boats wont be as afficient as they usualy are I’m afraid :frowning:

Gila can do it but you need to spam f in order to kill the cruiser, kind of stupid ^^


at each new vent there are plenty of bug. wait tomorrow

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This is probably the worst event I’ve participated in yet. The loot drops are absolute garbage (from the Drifter cruiser in particular). Just farm the drones - they’re worth more than the cruiser.

I think the Drifter cruiser ECM’s the drones which is why they lose target lock. At least I’m having to constantly re-engage. As I said - just farm the endless supply of Rogue drones.


Try a phantasm maybe’Def going to have to chase the rat down to some extent

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I have seen this behavior before in sleeper sites with drones, I usually just tap the f key every so often to keep them on task

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Hit ”F” for Fail.


Any scram/disrupt from the sleepers?

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the cruiser does scram you if you get in range (<10 km) otherwise no, frigates tend to web from times to times though

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Hi all,
What’s the best damage to inlfict to Sleepers??

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Those sites are sick. Cruiser speed is just insane, no match for a Battlecruiser or above. Matter of fact I’ve been struggling to match it with a MWD cruiser. Drone shake off is really, really annoying.

Best I’ve used so far was a blaster Deimos with navy web and MWD. Both have ot be on and overheated. I’ve just started though, so I haven’t tried many fits yet. Going to grab a Vigilant now.


We have run about 15 of the sites so far today. I’ve been using a Gila with Augmented Hammerheads and I can take down the cruiser in a couple of minutes.

The loot is terrible and of the last 9 sites it was all junk and worthless. Site #9, the cruiser only had Fireworks and the launcher.

Once again, CCP has NO bounties on the frigates.

My fleet mate is flying a Rattlesnake and using a single Gecko which works out quite well, but as others have said, you have to keep spamming F.

Terrible, terrible event.


Did it in about 5 mins with a VNI hammerheads and geckos. Just used a webbing ship off to the side on it and gg

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We jut finished #10 together. I was in the Gila with Augmented Hammerheads and my fleet mate was in the Rattler with a Gecko. Took out the cruiser in less than 90 seconds.

The loot? Fireworks and the launcher… Second one in a row with the same worthless loot.

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Dual web Vigilant works quite nice.

Triple web VNI also works. Rigs are unefficient probably, this was 100mn ab vexor once. Burn towards cruser with heated mwd, web him and heat guns. Melts pretty quickly. He scrams @ 10km, be aware. Under scrambler he doesn’t loose speed, so webs only.

Vexor Navy Issue, event

[Vexor Navy Issue, event]

Damage Control II
Medium Armor Repairer II
Overdrive Injector System II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Stasis Webifier II
Stasis Webifier II
Stasis Webifier II
50MN Microwarpdrive II

Heavy Neutron Blaster II, Void M
Heavy Neutron Blaster II, Void M
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Anti-Explosive Pump I
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Praetor II x5
Acolyte II x5
Hornet EC-300 x5
Praetor II x1

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Do you really need both? 1 T2 web with a vigilant brings the speed to something I can follow with the MWD turned off, then anti-matter blasters + hammerheads do the work.

As a bonus, going straight for it means leaving the frigates pretty far behind so they aren’t much of a worry either.

CCP I’m very very disappointed with this event. Almost impossible to kill cruiser alone and rewards are so lame. A lot of time is needed to do 100+ daily points and ISK reward is only few mill ISK in loot. I hope next event won’t be fail like this one.