5/10 DED

So I’ve been doing 4/10 mainly in caldari space, and manage to get a few good drops.(all the isk is gone now)

But I’m bored the hell out of it and want to start doing 5/10, but before I go in blindly with a praxis, can I have your fits first?

Here’s my fit:

Not a Praxis

Seriously though, you don’t want to use a BS, cruisers are much better. They align faster, they take less damage than a BS from the NPCs, and they’re just all around better. I would suggest an active fit Strat or a long range passive tank Cerb. I have more, better fits, but I’m not giving those away.

14 min in a marauder including warping from/to gate, looting wreck, and waiting for timer to expire.

Do that enough and there’ll be a Latch and a blops team waiting for you.

Also, I seriously doubt you can clear everything in a couple minutes.

Or do it in hs

They will have less than 10 min to find you, scan you, travel and hope you are not MJD 100 km off. Good luck.

That’s the average. minimum is 13 min including warp times (so, local time diff between entering it and exiting it)… I guess it was a small system.

also, with good implants it can go even lower.

Since you mention Caldari space I’m assuming you’re running Gurista DEDs, here a Tengu is ideal. How you fit it however depends on several things:

  • skill/experience?
  • high sec or low sec?
  • scanned sites or escalations?
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