Capsuleer DAY XXI the worst in hystory event!

Capsuleer DAY XXI is the worst event in 21 years of eve.
Disapointed event. Rate drops is for beginners and work hours for crafting a good filament who will drop nothing …
So bad team CCP !


You should have behaved better this past year.


All I wanted was a Guristas egg hunt…


I don’t care, I got a skin for my capsule!

It will get over it.

Gotta say I’m working very hard to keep an open mind about this event.

So far I haven’t progressed very much on Agency points while doing the Exploration Hacking side of it. After a while you can’t even proceed unless you buy and sell some Event items. Then in order to advance any further you have to use a specific type of filament. Not to mention being stuck with trying to manufacture a specific type of filament.

Currently I’ve spent more Isk than I’ve made on trying to do this Event and quite frankly, I don’t like the idea of having to enter Abyssal space just to continue it.

What really bugs me the most is how scripted this Event is, especially since this is suppose to be a sand box game.

Anyway… that’s my impression of this Event so far.


First time I unsubbed instead or resubbing. Have to agree with worst event so far. They should just make it into a Battlepass where you can just spend money and skip all the content and collect the rewards like every other game does.
Nice try on forcing people into doing Abyssals.
Didn’t work here.
No Hunt again.
Now the Dr. Who’s Idea Was This all over again.
But without the scarf.
Well at least I got a cool pod skin this year.
That’s about it.


YES, PLEASE! All i care about are the skins in any of these events. Making it impossible to collect all the skins these events have gated is annoying. I’m still waiting for the next Minmatar event to happen so I can collect all of the skins from the last event, that I don’t have. Also, when/if you implement player-made skins, just release all other CCP-made skins without an expiration time. That’d be great, but I’m not holding my breath.

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Usually enthusiastic about this type of event, but this year not so much. Reasons:
Extremely slow progress
Obviously scripted as a piramid game, hack a little, if lucky manuf a little, repeat.
Tier 3 bpc’s ? haven’t had a single one in all the tier 2 abyss sites, what’s up with that ? Progress halted !
flea market cosmetic drops, to put it politely
Stingy: 1 skin drop in dozens of sites, some soct boosters, no cerebrals, nothing else at all.
Flapping banner skins are not cool, lol, and neither are piles of scrapmetal
Expecting tier 4 abyssal runs for the small chance of a quality drop for an event ? I don’t think so without at least an isk buildup in the lower tiers to partially compensate for losses


i came back from a hiatus to try out the event. it struck me as very grindy and unrewarding. i spent half a day in lowsec and didn’t find anyone running the sites in normal space. seems like most ppl gave up and moved on.


I’m guessing that this is part of CCP’s strategy to reduce player income down to a level they think is “sustainable” per one of their scarcity blog posts from a couple of years ago. As I recall they showed a graph for income sources that they concluded was too high to be healthy for the game.

This is just a supposition on my part but based from the generally poor levels of isk to be made from recent events it seems to fit.

I haven’t bothered to log in to take part in Capsuleer Day events based on what I’ve read in the forums. Just way too much grind for way too little reward.

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They don’t want players to have too much isk but they sell PLEX to turn into isk and players can buy billions of isk thanks to PLEX so their so-called isk faucet this and Scarcity that is a bunch of WHOOEY!
All they’re doing is manipulating everything to screw players out of isk, PLEX, Time, Ships, Gameplay and fun.

At this point there is no reason for me to keep playing this ripoff of a game.


Many of the prior events could be completed in 2 or 3 days time. This one is taking more effort. I am enjoying the challenge.


Events are getting worse and worse.

CCP has lost all sense of what players want and why we log-in.

Maybe I’ll go play Vanguard… jk, it’s boring AF.

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‘bUt ThEy WeRe PlAnNiNg OtHeR sTuFf…’

If you can’t keep up on the basic annual events, why are you adding more when you can’t even handle what you already have?

Like going to Disneyland to ride all the rides you wanna ride, but they are all closed down because their team has been busy building new rides that won’t be open for months or years… so literally nothing is there to keep me in the park.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. The teams did make an adjustment on Friday, increasing the rewards and materials earned throughout. The reward track begins to learn which activities you enjoy doing in the event, be it building, exploration, or combat, and adapts to those.

There are some great community fits (both ingame and on resources like to run the combat filaments that are very affordable (sub 50mil) and alpha friendly. They can handle up to the t3 combat sites with relative ease. I’d strongly suggest taking a friend into the tier 4 sites, if you’re interested in running those, as they are very challenging for a solo pilot.

Unlike the Abyss, the Capsuleer Day sites do have a unique feature where crossing the boundary bounces you to the other side. It’s a great tactic to burn at one set of turrets, go through the boundary, and pop out on the other side next to the other turrets.

We really do appreciate the feedback. We’re aware this event tracker is a bit longer than usual, but Capsuleer Day does run until the end of the month.


Thankfully you can just do the hacking sites, so the track where you find a desolate conduit and then hack cans is basically, find a conduit then use a couple of hacking filaments to do the stupidly easy hacking sites and then progress the mission

I am running this event at a loss, fourth day in, lost a 60mil vexor, now I got a 40mil one that works better…
Done everything, scanning, exploration, combat, manufacturing, trading… still I am at a loss of about 80mil.
Got an half decent booster drop that sold for 10mil as my higher reward… still the filament cost was not covered… I am running this as Omega, bc I got better skills at hacking etc… maybe higher risks can provide higher reward. How many sited have you been running already? I’m up about 10 per day rate filaments, plus about other 10 in exploration and scanning missions. Event was made for fleets of two, probably tier 4-5 filament could drop significantly higher rewards? Not seen any videos yet of the harder filaments. But it’s an Alpha friendly event, so it makes sense that easier filaments do not drop excessively good stuff. Market also is playing a big role in payout. Only T4 filaments are somewhat pricey, but then again, rewards are kinda meh, barely covering the initial costs…

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Yea and living 22 jumps from Jita means I’m having to setup sell orders and buying it from my same acount alt just to continue.

I ran somewhere between 80 and 120 sites on the first day and after 30 sites if I sold everything I would have made the same as when I stoped at the end becuase the price of everything was falling at the same rate as I was making more isk and that’s with only loosing 2 80mil cruisers while learning the site solo.

had a spread sheet next to me and quickly jotted down quick values of the loot coming out of the site vs what it cost to make and found it was just not worth running after the first day so stopped.

Every person that started running them on launch after dt and sold everything after 4 to 5 hours where the real winners of the event was worth about 650-800mil/h in those first few hours and 100mil/h day 2, 50mil/h day 3 and so on.

I did enjoy them at least so can’t complain too much.

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Look up this thread if it can help, maybe T3 will do better in terms of rewards…
Hopefully we can stop losing ships while learning from others experiences… o7

There is no rewards, you are just shooting yourself in the foot mate.

If you want rewards do other content imo if you want to just experience the event and have fun then I would focus on that and forget about the rewards.

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