Capsuleer DAY XXI the worst in hystory event!

Crimson Harvest and Winter Nexus were a lot more fun, IMHO. Not just from a rewards standpoint, but the sites encouraged a lot more player interaction, ie: racing players to get the most damage in on the final enemy, then trying to loot the wreck before someone stole it out from under you (and the shenanigans that ensued).

Plus the sites were abundant enough that you could actually find them with some effort (and the more concentrated they were, the more people were interacting).

With this event, the extent of my participation has been the daily login bonuses - and that’s basically it. I have zero interest in any of the challenges or accompany rewards.


Yea winter nexus was great.

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I am focusing on trying to survive at the moment…
Towers are really op btw… the Who border mechanic is
something to be exploited in order to survive harder sites…
I learned that… yeah, definitely more fun than other Capsuleer events,
the Abyss is a great way to have some fun !

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I would suggest sending drones on towers while using your guns on the frigates, then getting very close to the bs and orbiting it at 500 using your guns to prioritise frigates first then when they all dead shoot the bs, if frigates spawn again kill them first then move back to the bs, I’m not sure you have enough tank tbh but might be enough.

If you are close to the bs then most of the damage will be from towers and frigates.

I love the “we want content, give us content because we don’t know how a sandbox works and we’re really just playing the wrong game”, but then also “but only if it makes phat iskies”.

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Hey give us ingame tools to create our own combat and hacking sites with npc’s and ■■■■ and CCP will never have to create an event ever again, true sandbox.

In a way I guess that is what the skyhook is a hacking minigame we don’t want others to play lol and we become the npcs defending it.

I mean, not every event is gonna be a winner. I think it does achieve a goal of getting newer players to try new things. But the biggest issues imho is the reward track is painfully slow, and the mat drops are low enough you have to buy at a significant loss to proceed.

The drop rate issues mean newer players cannot afford to sustain their progression into the abyssals due to isk issues. And the progression speed is so slow even vets drop it because the grind is prohibitive.

This progression issue is made significantly worse because of the nature of the tasks given. As an example, I am an explorer mostly. I take ships out and wander for days. I’ll do a couple explo sites and then it will require me to do a market transaction or filament to continue progression. Now I must stop what I’m doing, travel to a hub, and pivot my tasks to continue. Even people living near hubs have this issue because explo sites are depleted near them, forcing them to refit, travel MANY jumps, and spend 30 minutes to an hour for a mere 5 points.

Either the points need to be increased by like 4x, or we should be able to reroll event goals we don’t like. As is I’ve stopped doing the event entirely because it has an incredibly tedious and unfun gameplay loop. And I really like that Praxis skin.

Also, event tracks and skins should really be account based rather than character based. If I have an explo alt and a combat main, I’m even more screwed.


I lived 22jumps from jita so it was not an option I found you could put it up on the market then buy it with your alt to complete the quest, but yea it was an unnecessary and weird quest.

I guess it was kind of a semi guide for new players but still would have preferred having 6 different quests and if you clear 2 of them then it recycles all the quests that way you don’t have to waste time doing things that are inefficient.


Update: after countless attempts in tier2 sites, finally (!) a single tier 3 bpc dropped. Yay ! Maybe I can grab those 25 points and inch towards that gnosis skin … Quick ! Dock up and click that bpc !!

But hold on ! What is that ?! Two new materials needed to make the tier 3 filament. I’ve never seen those, ever !! It’s already hard to find any 79 and 97 stuff, let alone S-107 and S-133… Help, I’m running out of exclamation marks to type !

15 days in, progress still the same as on day 10, and not for lack of effort. Someone must have found at least some S-107 and S-133 somewhere, or else no one would have gotten a tier 3 filament. Speak up, brothers and sisters, don’t keep the secret all to yourselves.

Lol, this is so bad. The game deserves a little bit better.


I was willing to consider it me just getting old and having less time, but having it confirmed that the designer / head of product (Burger or Rattati) thought it a good idea to keep increasing grinding longer and longer to pad login numbers is disheartening to see.

I’m getting vibes of why I quit a decade ago (see: Summer of Rage due to microtransactions, charging 3rd party devs like Pyfa, Greed Is Good manifesto)


You have to be part of a large alliance.

I agree . LOL even a mining event would have been better than this crap. Since new patch are going to screw over HS mining corps. I guess the team are getting lazy or bored. I understand that they advertise huge wars and such, but they going to lose their players base again like 3yrs ago. Its just sad. Some players come to chill after work to unwind others like pvp fw and other stuff. Yall are forcing players to go in other directions and when yall push to hard they are going to quit Not having the 1/2 off omega sale is really going to hurt yall

Fly safe


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you can always run Incursions, stop complaining.

It is really time the terran union invades through the eve wormhole…

97’s and 79’s drop a lot from the t2 relic site, I think I spammed like 40 of them in total.

That’s becuase you don’t have the game knowledge to realise that high sec has a direct link to pochven and if you go in cheap ships like retrievers and the cheapest boosts you can find you can earn 4x more than you currently are now in high sec, and if you die who cares becuase you would have paid those ships off in the first few minutes.

To put it mildly to you in a prospect mining trite in high sec is 20mil/h worth of isk mining poch ores is 100mil/h that’s 5x more value so if you down grade from hulks there is still plenty of extra isk to be made. And if you high sec corps group together for security then there is still plenty of ore there as it seems to be 100x larger than high sec ore sites so enough for everyone.

And you basically just have to move through a wormhole to get there 1 jump and back out, high sec is insanely good if you know how to utilize it. Here you go:

Thanks, that’s also my experience. However, did your 40 tier2 sites give you any S-107 and S-133 ?

It gave me S-107’s I think the S-133’s drop from the t2 combat site I only ran like 2 of them and didn’t see any drop, I dropped the event after that as it was low income so don’t know how many more runs you need for 133.

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Thanks for the info. Appreciated !

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This event made me hate hacking which is quite an achievement. Stupidly gated event. Atleast last year the drops were a bit better. How would i fix this? Glad you asked.

  • do not gate progression, that is rework the whole track so you can do any goal in any order and claim stuff automatically.

  • less RNG drops

  • maybe tune up the drops on lower tier sites, as it is apart from track progression they are a waste of time.


I am an explorer and mission runner as a solo player. Been playing a long time.

I saw the first video about the event showed abyssal space and noped out. I canceled the resubscription. I will be hibernating again. CCP apparently thinks Abyssal space is the ■■■■ and wants me to do it. I find it boring AF, even compared to running missions in high sec.

I’m out. Screw this abyssal malarky. I am not building a 10 billion isk Gila to slow boat around abyssal space fighting stupid drones and sleepers.

The PVE in this game is just ■■■■. This could be the greatest space game ever if the PVE was somehow more interesting – especially with the continuous threat of other players coming in on you. But you just memorize it and you’re done.