Event Feedback - Guardian's Gala 2019


We’re super happy to announce that the Guardian’s Gala has returned for 2019!

Last year, the Guardian’s Gala was once again attacked by opportunistic capsuleers. This time around the Angel Cartel are back, more prepared than ever to ward off the inevitable assault. Otuwiri and Khaitetha have sworn vengeance on the capsuleers after last year’s humilation and will be laying in wait for unsuspecting pilots who think they can make a quick few kredits by crashing the party.

For more information, you can check out the live events portal here.

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Have you checked the loot table this time? Or are you again going to deliberately obliterate the prices for faction items?

Oh great. the flag is back. And I still cannot remove the flag from my neocom sidebar. Way to go.

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What the hell is the BS in the Guardian Gala shooting with? Nearly killed my Tengu fit with Pith-X Kin and Explosiv + Pith-B Hardener on.


are you drunk??? wtf you tooked?? a bs spawn that rips apart any tank in under 15 seks with 3k hits all 2 secs?? not to mind the rest of the sites that shred your drones and heavy tanks apart


Yeah my Dominix sniper at 110km almost died in two rounds …

I mean … What the hell


And was not in a null sec, just in high sec

Something is off


Lost freshly upgraded mint shape abyssal Gila to a BS…well that’s not true hi first chomped one gila before mine than it mauled me as well dps output of that thing was puzzling.

Refitted tanky rattle to a tankyer one warped back got out with 10% in shields over heating saved rattle sad panda…oh well and all that.


Would an ubertanked marauder work maybe?

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https://zkillboard.com/kill/75114561/ ask him if it worked


Yeah try to lose 1.5 bill to get crapy rewards and ugly skin.

No thanks

I imagine a new alpha trying the event, must be sad.


Take a Titan :smile:

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sure its dead in a Minute…

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Erm… wow. Yeah not doing that then😂

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Think I may skip the event and stay in the Abyssal Depths

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What the hell is that Machariel packing? Concord level weapons? I thought mmhm, Sac got blown up, okay Golem should work…lock him from 70km out and I managed to get 3 boosts before the Golem went up in smoke too, then site despawns…Bookmark failed to catch, so can’t even warp back…

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CCP will surely fix it soon

i was lucky that i got out twice… first was my hac and that was alrdy extrem close like negative resis on it., then tried my gedon and just came out after the bs showed up. went for reps go back and was just able to turn once more not even looked him.

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yeah after nuff billions are burned for Nothing and then they fix it…


Are you kidding me with these skins? Why the hell do we get such hideously ugly skins as rewards? Cheap Kopis Edge with butt ugly purple stripes slapped on top? Is that really all you can do as rewards? :angry:


to kick ya twice in one move… first make ya loose ya ship and then get a wussi Skin to Show .

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