Guardian's Gala 2019

Are we getting deadspace/exploration modules pouring from event sites once again? Why?!?

They use it to incentivize people. If players would go farm domination modules elsewhere, for a much greater reward than some basic accelerator blueprint, who will run this content?

Less people will run it without some dank loot dropping.

You can incentivize using event exclusive mods. Undermining exploration and crushing the market doesn’t make any sense and will make a lot of people angry.

I dont think they will allow the unsurpassed inflow of these mods to the system this time. The issue with dark blood modules dropping so often is not rather going to happen again. Or maybe will, hehe, in such case wait and get as much as you can. :sunglasses:


But seriously. Event mods are quite succesfull so far and I see no reason to flood the market with stuff (in this case exploration) people work hard for every “usual” day. Imagine LP store mods dropping from event sites?

Its about loot tables at the end. We will have to wait and see, no reason to complain before something happens or not. :wink:

Tombola? Game of chance? CCP brings back gambling to EvE?

Not complaining, at least not yet. I’ts more of a concern and suprise lessons still not get learned :confused:

We already have lootboxes like that. Mining haulers drop them.

It’s likely the same fomula lootboxes have used for a long time. Put a shiney in the box with a .0000000000000000001 drop rate. Everyone looks at the shiney like…

“so you’re saying there’s a chance…”

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Maybe 2 reasons:

First, the drastic increase in faction module prices thanks to Mutaplasmids. Not even the Dark Blood loot fiasco was able to disturb the market for more than a few weeks.

Second, they may have looked at the very first Crimson Harvest. It had very rare, but very shiny drops, including old PLEX, Faction BS BPCs and such. People were fighting over each single site, despite the chances for “superloot” being extremely low.

There is a chance. :smirk:

You can greatly improve that by killing event runners and taking their loot. They do the work, you harvest the fruits of their efforts. :wink:


That’s about as Eve as you can get right there

Absolute waste of time. To pay ISK, minerals and tickets for something that almost always isn’t worthy. I’m playing since 2006 and this event is simply pitty

What this thread needs is more Trombola…

Feedback thread is here.