New Event: Is this the influence of Pearl Abyss?

In the new event you shoot a battleship, collect a thingy, mine some ore, refine some ore, combine all that and turn it in with 13mil ISK for a lootbox. Loot box? Fearing the worst I did this twice. I got a skin I already had and a booster worth about 500k. So I spent a couple of hours and 26mil isk for nothing of value. This is very demotivating.

In previous events the scope of the rewards and the effort to collect them was fairly easy to determine. This is the first event where the scope of the rewards is unknown, and given the isk investment, a player could wind up behind at the end of it. This is very much like a bunch of other games that I stopped playing out of frustration.

At least the lootboxes are only available with in-game resources. So far.

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