Guardians Gala, should I use the tickets?

Hey Guys, I have been doing this event just for the sake of the point rewards. I figure those might pay off. I have around 30 tickets I have not turned in, and I wanted to know whether I should even turn them in or not?

I know the whole loot table is broken, but I was hoping that with my 30 tickets I might actually get something that is worth it. Also do you advise buying the standard loot boxes, or the ones at VIP sites?

Not worth it. The event ends soon anyway.

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You likely lose money doing … it’s a gamble with bad odds.

I’m going to suggest not to use them for two reasons.

  1. You will have to spend a lot of money to use all of those and all accounts that I have read so far indicate that you will lose money on them.
  2. Refusing to use them will hopefully discourage CCP from implementing something like this in the future.

#1 is enough of a reason not to use them, and hopefully #2 is a bonus.

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