How do I find the guardian gala sites?

Sorry, I do not know how to find it.

Don’t bother, doing the sites is ISK-negative, as there is no loot, just raffle tickets you have to use in the casino to play with ISK.


They seem to be in random systems. Should show on your overview as a beacon that says guardians gala.

I do suggest reading the event feedback thread before doing them.


If you’re lucky, you’ll run into a bunch of them all in one system, if unlucky, you can’t or you’ll have to make 100+ jumps all over the place until you do.

Yesterday I was scanning 2 hours in wormholes for nothing pretty much…

All I see was, Grinding Gala Sites.

So… wormholes, you should check, ofcourse running them sites in wormholes comes with bigger risk, with little to no reward as I heard.

this is the correct answer

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