Guardian's gala Help

Hello all

I have a Questions around the New Event

is it on sisi? i just made 30+ jumps and couldn’t find one?

Thank you in advance

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I’m also curious about the event. Is it for big ships or fleets only? Is it newb or solo friendly?

the event has two types of sites: combat anomalies and data sites that you need to scan down.

the data sites are very newbie-friendly. all you need is a ship that can scan sites and hack.

the combat sites appear as anomalies on your probe scanner. you can warp to them directly without needing to scan them down. they are VERY hard. from what i’ve seen, you need at minimum a battleship to do a site in high sec. but they seem soloable.

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Many thanks. I’ll keep looking for some data sites. I do have a battleship, which I used to use to run missions, but I’m out of practice. For now I’ll stick to hacking. Thanks again.