Caldari Research Data Node Site

So these sites have NPCs in them that deal a good amount of damage. If I use an exploration frigate, the rats will kill my ship before the drones can deal with them. If I use a combat ship, then I’ll probably fail the hard cans when I hack and after 2 hacks, we all know cans explode. So is this event supposed to be for either Astero pilots or groups of people? At least the winter event had some stuff people could do solo, even if ice mining was much more efficient in groups.

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Inb4 “this is an MMO get some friends and team up for completing the sites” answers are posted. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: :upside_down_face:

I should be taking the hint from the devs that maybe I should go back to FPSes…

But we all know I’m not going to.

People who post an “I’m leaving” one will be back in 3 months, the people who leave for good end their last week behaving the same to their in game friends the same way people who leave for a short break. Except the break doesn’t become short.

Inb4 “can I have your stuff” replies are also posted. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :wink: :innocent:

Btw what FPS games you play online?

I was into Half Life and HL2 and Opposing Force, Counter-Strike: Source and a bit of CS1.6 and Team Fortress 2 back in the days.

There’s an event happening right now?

Guess I should log in more often… :unamused:

Try the new faction scan ships, they can field an amazing tank like the Heron Navy Issue. Not tried the sites myself though, due to accidently having chosen Gallente (assuming they still fight Caldari), and being too lazy to leave Caldari space … :frowning:

BTW, iirc Astero can’t enter the sites.

Ok first of all while “can I have your stuff” is a stock reply with people who claim they are leaving, it is poor taste if it’s in reply to someone who admits they’re not leaving sincfe they still need their stuff

I enjoyed HL, it’s an old classic before my time. I also did a lot of tf2 and Overwatch, although a lot less nowadays.

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