This has to be one of the worst Events in a long time for exploration

  1. The sites are way too hard for the crap loot. Even in hisec they are harder than most lowsec/null containers in any other event. Even if you find a site you’re likely to fail 2 out of 3 anyway.
  2. You need 600 pts to complete the event, but you’re only give 2 pts for 1/1 and 5 pts for 2/2. There is no possibility I’d be able to get 600 pts in 12 days given the scarcity and competition.
    About scarcity and competition:
  3. With the low pts rewards you’d think they would have a high spawn rate or have more than 3 containers per site. Nope. So you barely find them and when you do you can’t even maximize what measly 7pts you could get due to difficulty and competition. Very seldom do I have one all to myself.
  4. It’s in Caldari space which is already small overcrowded pockets. Normally, if someone else gets to a site first I leave. But that is not a luxury I have in this event due to scarcity and difficulty of hacks.

I’ve managed 67 pts so far in 3 days. It’s become apparent I’m wasting my time as I’ll never get anywhere near 600pts. The only silver lining is I don’t care for these SKINS anyway, but my completion compulsive disorder urged me to do it simply because it’s there. But you managed to override even my completionist compulsion with this one.


I haven’t found a single exploration site in hi-sec and I’ve been looking every day.

I thought all Eve events were terrible. This one is even worse than normal?

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Depends on definition of worse. Don’t think there’s any “must-haves” in it unless you’re a skin junkie.

It’s more a question of whether it’s worth putting any time into it for the rewards.

In Caldari space? Because they are only in Caldari space. I think people have been giving up. I went looking yesterday and I was able to find more and there aren’t many people going for them so I had them all to myself. Even finding multiple spawns in single systems. I also started hacking them more successfully. It’s also posible maybe CCP made some changes (or maybe just luck).

It’s still ultimately worthless and I still have no strong desire to bother. I’ve found only a single container that had anything of value: A Caldari Navy Comorant SKIN. I think that one SKIN at 19mil ISK is worth more than the entirety of everything else I’ve gotten from these sites. Also, I got 71.8mil in loot from a single green core hisec data site that I could hack in my sleep. That single hisec data with 2 containers netted me more ISK value than all the event sites I’ve found combined, including the cormorant SKIN.

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Nah, some at least have SKINs. Sometimes even bound SKIN rewards are decent. The Crimson Harvest 2021 was the best one (first I ever did) and they’ve gone downhill since. But this one is virtually all trash. I’ll check in the last 2 days. That’s usually when the SKIN spawn rate increases. Yesterday I just looked to see if anything changed and I did find a Caldari Cormorant SKIN. I was very surprised to see it. But it seems like less people are doing it so that might be why there are seemingly more sites uncontested. Most people see it as trash and gave up.

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I contracted 1198 Union Day Reward Tokens for 1000 ISK and left that garbage behind. Felt good actually. Like a Catharsis.

I have found a few since I last wrote. I was looking in Caldari space. I even found one that hadn’t been done.

i just went into a crimson harvest site, found in the same list as all the newb stuff and ore sites. warped to it thinking, hmm lets check it out. immediately tackled and raped by 10+ (elite?) NPCs

why isn’t there a warning or banner when you select “warp to” that says… “hey you might not want to do that, this is very hard”?


this is so stupid

As a general rule, events are not geared towards brand new EVE players. They never have been.

I don’t bother with these events. They suck.

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