When is the event going to finally end?

Today I was exploring in a somewhat blinged Astero, slowboating with AB and 0 pvp skills in Stain. After several hours of scanning lvl 1 joke relic sites that spammed everywhere with 0 loot, I got so bored I deliberately jumped into a gate camp and sent some money to the ganker thanking him for ending my misery cause the 350m in my cargo in 7 hours of exploration was not worth it finding a WH route back to HS.

Is this exploration event a joke meant to troll the few genuine exploration players left around in a sea of bots and make their chances of finding sites even less than they were?

Please end this bad joke of an event, I do exploration for fun. They even had bots programmed to ignore these sites, I find clusters of 4-6 warpcrap relic sites in systems because nobody does them, they’re just there to waste your time. Thanks!


It takes like 10 second to open news website and read article. Way less than making pointless rant.

Yes. But I want to make a pointless rant once a year then move on.

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It tells you what site you’re going to warp to, you could just pick a different relic site.

it ended. how do you feel now?

Spending my exploration isk on blowing up frigates in fw, much more fun lol.

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