Amarr event continues?!

Amarr event continues? I see mining sites and +2 warp speed in amarr space. CCP wake up. With this attitude towards the game, you show your disrespect for the players.

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What mining sites? Like those resource wars?

OP, congratulations on completing your first month in EvE! :wink:

Why not? Its a week long thing, is it past its week already?

Amarr Foundation Day festivities are well underway and there’s still time to join in! The event ends on 12 August at 11:00 UTC

Well there you go.

You should probably show that to the OP though, not the person happy to get the speed bonus during the announced dates.

I certainly don’t mind the extended bonus. It’s a good opportunity to blitz the Amarr epic arc or a bunch of courier missions, if you want to increase your standings with Amarr empire.

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