Foundation Day Events?

Did they actually do any special mining or hacking events for this?

I seem to recall it being advertised as would be but didn’t see anything else about it once the event started.

You can shoot fireworks at space monuments for 5000 SP a day, other than that no. CCP Convict did say that Minmatar got the spotlight this year and other factions will get more time spent on their events in the future.

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Yea Im doing the fireworks but was looking forward to good loot hacking like Minmatar and Capsuleer day was.

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I think the next good event for loot and stuff is near Christmas time so a bit of ways of yet. There might be another decent event before that but I’m not sure.

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I thought it was limited to specific systems, so you would have to go there to find the sites.

Yes but they usually have a “guide” that reminds you daily about points for hacking event sites, mining event locations etc.

Just read this.

“You can also jump into the Imperial War Reserves Mining Blitz sites”

Apparently these are about somewhere, not sure where though.

Mining Blitz sites are opening up in the constellations of Anidaza (Tash-Murkon), San Matar (Derelik), and Sosarir (Domain)

For T-M that means Goni system and beyond (Anidaza), for Derelik that is the Tanoo system and neighbours (San Matar) , for Domain that would be Thebeka and beyond ( Sosarir)


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