Mining Blitz

Is there going to be some documentation about the mining blitz?

The paragraph in the patch announcement and the in-game info say very little about how any of this operates, and so far though it mentions doing it solo the math tells me I’m being set up to fail.

The sites are similar to the old Resource Wars mining sites (that are no longer active)

There are a few differences - but they are close enough that the old Uniwiki page might give you some helpful info:

The way the sites work:
You have to mine special ore.
Drop into NPC orca.

When you have done the full amount the site is complete - Orca and enemies warp away and you will get isk & points rewards.
There is a time limit. If you complete the sites quicker you get higher rewards.

Note: The enemies are the diamond variety, so have a good tank.


Where are the sites located? where do i need to travel this time?

Chat in local with people and form a fleet, that way is faster and also ask the others for ship fits to do it ok.

You are being set up to fail, that’s why they are using the event to lure you into low security systems to be the “content” for “real” EVE players.

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has anyone had any issues redeeming the skill point bonuses (10k and 5k) for mining ore today as i have not been able to find them after completing the task. they are not in the skill point que as available or in the redeem section either? any ideas please?

Not managed to find any sites yet, let alone get the ore points!

There are sites in Hi-Sec as well.

The constellations where the sites are in the event text in the agency window. you just have to scroll it down to see the list.

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So they are!!! Didn’t see the scroll down. TY:)

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The sites seem to be the same as the “Stargate Trailblazer” event sites.

Here’s a guide about those that might help:

The most important detail: Cancel your mining cycle early. On a Venture that’s at about 50%, maybe a bit later depending on skills.
The asteroids don’t hold the ore to make it worth to do a full cycle.
One can get “gold” rank in a “Limited” site with a single Venture with smart positioning and good cycle-management.

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Before I managed to get into one of the sites:

  • I didn’t find any expedition sites, but found them just by looking around the listed constelation systems to spot the site markers. When I found them listed, there were lots of the various sized sites, but only a single Major site per system I looked in. Are they the most popular?
  • I went in a Hulk, which needed to be at a Major or Critical site to be able to enter.
  • When I got into a Major site, I only had drones as offence, and bailed out when I saw there enemy were battleships in there.

So, this time, I’m arranging for a group of corpies to go in better prepared.
What I have yet to work out: If I fit T2 modulated mining lasers, do I need crystals, go bare, or downgrade to T1? I was going to use the Hulk, to get in and out ASAP, but is a Venture or an Endurance better for these?

Free mining-boosters sadly don’t work with gas-huffing.

Since you need to move within the site, and you are on time limit, mobility is somewhat important.

The “limited” sites can be solod with a Venture, the “minor” ones with an Endurance (better tank) or Prospect if you give it an active fit, but I would recommend the Endurance over the Prospect.
If you want to bring your Hulk, you will likely need some friends.

The single biggest trick is to deactivate the mining lasers early. An Endurance with 2x Mining Laser Upgrade II will take about 20-25s to empty an asteroid. Anytime the cycle goes longer is wasted time.

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